How Do People With Poor Health Begin To Recover From The Beginning?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Had I really thought I can breathe as can really live a day.Several years after graduating from college, constant, not a pull, persistent dry as follows:
Smoking, drinking, irregular work and rest, stay up late, heavy oil double salt spicy greasy, big stuttering fat, also don't
It is a shame. I was so original spare no effort to spoil yourself, you who can do all of the above, at the same time and persistence for many years haven't hang up...
I now in retrospect, the frail and dying when do not have what difference.Don't know nothing!!!!!
Three things to stimulate to me later.
First: the EX abandon me a people more than 20 years old, has more than 30 years old fat body.
The second thing: after was dumped by the EX, good my body weak, a few days didn't sleep a wink, can not sleep.The whole mental nerve in the stress state, shut up in a small room stuffy smoke, a pack of a pack of.(think of be in that kind of cigar smoke smoked a few days) and then touch the mouse and keyboard, muscles are shaking...
Afterwards just dying to sleep, woke up wet with sweat all the quilt.
The third thing: after I recovered, finally dying to sleep in the past.
Woke up with a wet night sweats, with a little effort, struggle to climb up, in the face of all this, I think I need to exercise.This is already the night sweats lethargy. 2 weeks later.Feel a little effort to go to.On the treadmill, ran the two kilometers, slow speed, and the girl almost, nearly 20 minutes.
The moment of the treadmill and makes his head spin!Almost passed out, the lungs are full of the smell of blood.Blacked out.(now like to dying) if I was hung up.I was not surprised at all.
Under the stimulus this synthesis of three things, I decided to change some what, just to live, to live well.
First thing is to give up smoking, drinking must stay away from these step by step to gobble up your body and soul.
I a smoke lung hot all day, a mouth taste blood, can be happy "no pain" to quit.
Buddhist monastic discipline every seconds I is happy, comfortable.All withdrawal response is from its reward.After quitting smoking, don't mind a bit!The most important thing is: I am very happy!Quitting smoking is very cool!A little also not pain!Including process!Believe me, smoke smokes cigarettes then, no more than this boring and stupid.Completed to give up smoking, drinking is more simple.I have no addiction.
The first thing I do is exercise: swimming, running, climbing, gymnastics, in all ways to exercise.Don't say that have no time, no money go fitness, the air is bad is not suitable for running this kind of reason, can only deceive themselves.One thing I want to be you will always find a way.Buy an inflatable gymnastics mat, then home exercise equipment , don't have to out the door.And inflatable gymnastics mat, especially suitable for beginners to use, can protect the user.When not and will not take a place.
The third thing change schedule:
When I finish after running and quit smoking this habit, cardiopulmonary had certain recovery, at least I can sleep not much the better.But it did not go far enough.
I have a big problem!Irregular work and rest, to point to sleep...It is also a big flaw of health!
If this does not change, all else is lost.
I happened to see a word: you are even if tired, also won't fall asleep, because you have no courage to end the day, also don't have the courage to meet the new day.

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