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- Mar 21, 2018 -

On the evening of March 18th, Beijing time, the Stuttgart World Cup in Germany ended the women's all-around competition. Zhang Jun, a Chinese player who won sixth place at Stuttgart last year, performed well this year. She won the women's title with 53.431 points and a lead of 0.099 points. All-around champion. In addition, the Chinese player Sun Wei won the men's all-around fourth with 83.265 points. The Russian player Bel Yaviski won the men's team championship with 85.732 points. The Stuttgart station is just two events for men and women. Zhang Hao had won the women's all-around first place in the Asian Games test match that was recently held in China. In this race, she apparently continued the good state of the test match. Zhang Jun’s strongest opponent in Stuttgart was local player Seth, who was ninth in the women's all-around game at last year’s World Championships. The ninth and tenth are also Sec's regular rankings in the world competition gymnastics mat.

In the vault for horse racing, Zhang Hao scored 14.166 points, ranking eighth in the finals and 0.6 points higher than Seitz inflatable air track. However, Zhang Hao's uneven bars are weak. Although she has completed a full set of moves and scored only 12.466 points, Sets's up-and-down bar has reached the third place in the European Championships in the past. She also gave an excellent performance of 14.800 points. The gap between the two instantly became about 1.6 points.

Fortunately, Zhang Hao was only weak on the uneven bars, and the other three had strong strength. Zhang Shu had 13.533 points on the balance beam. In the final eight players, not only ranked first, but also one point higher than the second player and about 1.5 points higher than Seitz. On the last floor exercise, Zhang Hao's performance will be a big breakthrough compared to last year's National Games. This set of moves she scored a high of 13.266, and the individual score is second only to the United States's Chelsea. Seitz scored 12.966 points in floor exercise. Taken together four achievements, Zhang Hao won the championship with 53.431 points. Sets finished second with 53.332 points. American Cheles scored the third with 52.932 points.

The men's team competition took place on March 17th. Sun Wei, who has played continuously in international competitions recently, fluctuates. Even though he ranks first in both the vault and the ring, he drops the equipment halfway through the second pommel horse race. In the parallel bars, the equipment was dropped. There was also a lot of mistakes in the floor exercise. In the end, only the fourth place was 83.265 points. Last year's men's all-around fourth-place finisher in the World Championships - Russia's Bel Yaviski level was a lot higher than the other players, he won the championship with 85.732 points. Modi of the United States took the runner-up with 84.098 points, and Japan's Tanaka Youdian won third with 83.998 points.

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