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- Mar 22, 2018 -

In the late night of November 25th, the gymnastics World Cup Germany Cottbus station ended the five singles finals scramble. The Chinese players got a crown and two thirds. Among them, Wang Junwen won the men's saddle horse championship with 15.200 points, Lei Peng won the men's ring runner-up, and Lu Jiaqi won the women's uneven bar. Tan Di, Lan Xingyu, and Wang Yuyu won the men's pommel horse, the men's rings and the women's uneven bars. Uzbekistan legendary veteran Chusso Vicina won the women's vault championship, Germany's Seitz won the women's uneven bars championship, Slovenia's Cora Vora won the men's floor exercise championship, and Ukrainian player Radivov won the men's ring championship.

the first:

This game is only for single competition. The men's pommel horse, the Chinese team Wang Junwen and Tan Di entered the finals. Although the difficulty of the two players was not dominant, the quality of the match was very high. Wang Junwen, who was the first in the preliminaries, reached a final score of 9 points or more in the finals. Eventually, Wang Junwen made a set of 6.1 moves. To get 15.200 points, Wang Junwen won the championship, placed in this year's World Championships, this result can get the runner-up. Although Tan Di's difficulty is only 5.9, but the completion points to 8.933, he won third with 14.833 points. Japan's Michio Rinpoche won the runner-up with 14.933 points. The Ukrainian star Vranjayev had a difficulty of 6.6 in this game, but he did not compare well. He eventually finished fourth with 14.466 points.


Lei Peng ranked first in the ring preliminaries, but in the finals, Ukrainian player Ratievov, who won sixth place in the World Championships this year, performed most stably. His finish points were assigned to 9.133 points and the final score was 15.133 points. Lei Peng, although the difficulty is very high, but jumped a small step forward, and finally scored 15.066 points. Rativilov won the championship and Lei Peng finished second. Another player in China, Lan Xingyu, played a lot better than the preliminaries. He finished third with 14.633 points.

Women's uneven bars, Chinese players Lu Jiaqi and Wang Yuyu ranked second and third in the preliminary round, and Germany's Seitz ranked first. In the final, the two Chinese players again attacked Seitz, but the 24-year-old Setz has a long experience. She won the fifth place in this year's World Championships and she was calm. Finally she won the championship with 14.900 points. Lu Jiaqi, who also played with Seitz with a difficulty of 6.1, also performed well. She finished runner-up with 14.866 points and a slight disadvantage. Wang Fuyu's difficulty value of 5.5 affected her total score. She scored third with 14.200 points.


The Chinese men's free gymnastics did not participate in the Chinese players' competition. The top three were 14.133 points. As a result, Kolavola, Slovenia, won the championship with a maximum finish of 8.633, and Verhofstadt in the Netherlands finished second with a score of 8.333. Although Russia's Prokopev has a difficulty of 6.1, only 8.033 points to complete can only be placed third. Australia's Remus has a difficulty of 6.8, which is stronger than the other players, but it's not done well and it only gets fifth.

At last:

The women's vault, the first Uzbekistan veteran Chusso Vikina rehearsed in the preliminaries. Her two sets of traditional movements placed the highest sum of difficulty on this site, and this time the play was still in place, with 9.066 points each. With a high score of 9.200, Chusso-Vignina won the championship with 14.283 points, Russia's Akhaimova finished second with 13.733 points, and Slovenia's Kossliff was third with 13.716 points.

The preliminaries of the other five projects ended at the end of the night on the 24th. Tan Di won the first place in the horizontal bar and parallel bars preliminaries. Qu Ruiyang won the men's vault preliminary and No. 5 in the Wang Qianyu balance beam preliminaries. The three Chinese players will participate in the final tonight. Competition.

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