Inflatable Air Track Gymnastics

- Mar 19, 2018 -

One of my clients did this. He first checked the air leak point, marked the leak point, and then found out the repair drum that came with our shipment. She cut the PVC sheet into a round shape with scissors and glued it. The air leaks of the PVC sheets and inflatable gymnastics mat are coated with glue. Then the PVC sheets and inflatable gymnastics mat is glued together. Finally, wait 15 minutes before filling the inflatable gymnastics mat with air again for your gymnastics entertainment. Is it simple? yes.

So pay attention that: when using the inflatable gymnastics mat in the your yard, be sure to check whether the floor is smooth and ensure that there are no sharp hard objects. It is best to lay some soft old clothes, blankets and the like on the ground and then put inflatable gymnastic mat on it to prevent any possible damage to the mat. Do all of the above and you can enjoy your gymnastics training.

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