Introduction To The Cause Of The Gymnastics Sports Injury

- Jan 18, 2018 -

(a) lack of activity, the insufficient warm-up.Main aim of the exercises is to make the human body by a relatively quiet state gradually turned into a tense state, make the central nervous system gradually.Don't do exercises, inadequate preparation, preparation, activity contents do not tally with the training content, ready to inadequate preparation activities such as either early or late is not able to decrease the viscosity of muscle, can increase the speed of muscle contraction and relaxation, and enhance the muscle strength.The flexibility of the muscle, ligament and the extension is not enhanced, and began to practice in a hurry, will cause injury. 
(2) technical errors, not enough attention, ideological practice blindly.Blind practice refers to no thought of gain for feedback, summarizes the practice for the exercise, in an attempt to depend on the number of times to make up for not good at practice.Some beginners because of the lack of sports accomplishment, also will not be able to do more, the results because of the lack of the guidance of the teacher, don't know details and essentials, wrong imitate the movement damage.Gymnastics movement of technical, technical error due to not enough training level is the direct cause of gymnastics sports injury. 
(3) the bad condition of physical function and psychological.Some practitioners in dizziness, fever, colds and other physical dysfunction, inadequate training, otherwise easy to cause accident.In addition, the trainer just contact new techniques, and gymnastics technique has certain risk, so easy to mental stress and fear.Because of the influence of the bad psychological factors, practitioners often make some superfluous action, or actions did not complete.Bad condition of physical function and psychological, will affect the movement technology, and easy to cause accident. 
(4) exercise training load.So-called exercise load, also known as the physiological load, refers to the practice of physiological load.When exercise to keep appropriate exercise load, gymnastics training, the practitioners have no according to own actual situation and excessive training, sports load is beyond the limits of the body and mind are often can cause injury. 
(5) teaching lax, improper organization methods.Improper teaching lax, organization methods caused damage of the gymnastics, but there are also the reasons and hidden trouble, deserves the attention of the gymnastics teaching.In violation of improper teaching principle, content arrangement, sports load is not reasonable, lax management, site equipment layout is not properly, etc.Because of the special characteristics of gymnastics has improper teaching method of organization can also lead to practitioners sports injury. 
(6) improper protector to protect.The protection of the protector also occupies an important role in gymnastics, especially in practitioners just contact action and cannot be independently, more need someone beside properly protect and help.If improper protection and help, is likely to cause practitioners sports injury. 
Early gymnastics is particularly vulnerable to injury, then choose a suitable instrument is particularly important. Inflatable air track for gymnastics practitioners. Inflatable gymnastics mat surface is soft and elastic, can promote the gymnastics movement, also will protect practitioners from harm.

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