Judo Knowledge

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Judo (J ū d not じ ゅ う ど う) is a kind of wrestling and ground technology primarily martial arts.Japan known as the "kingdom of judo" title.Judo is a peculiar to Japanese martial arts, is composed of jujitsu evolution and development
Come of.In Japanese means "the gentle way".Is the way of "gentle".Derived in part from an ancient samurai warriors, the hand-to-hand combat technique: jujitsu.Judo win by the opponent fell to the ground
Competition, it is the only Olympic sport where allow choking opponent or breaking an arm.Judo is a kind of very strong antagonism of competitive sports, it emphasizes the contestant to the skills to master the xian
Ripe degree, rather than the balance of power.
Judo became an Olympic sport in 1964, and 1992 judo again be included in the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games a total of 14 gold MEDALS, set up a combat wrestling is second only to the Olympic program.
The judo movement is governs five lang in the 1880 s, and at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games into the Olympic Games.The host country could add one sport, and Japan chose judo.Tokyo Olympic Games only supposed 4 levels of the game, Japanese entries promptly won three gold MEDALS.
The judo federation was established in 1949, the European.In July 1951, by Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other 12 countries launched the international judo federation.In 1956, the first world judo championships held in Tokyo, Japan.In 1964, men's judo in the Tokyo Olympic Games were first included in the official project.In 1968 the Olympic Games, the judo project was cancelled.In 1972, the judo man once again become a program.Judo in 1973 officially listed in the race.Around the world 194 countries and regions to carry out the judo, and joined the international judo federation.
The judo competition requests the contestant to the match four limbs, the neck to make "arm lock", "clutches the neck" and so on the movement, throws the opponent down or suppress the ground, until the opponent to throw in the towel or clearly to be thrown to the ground, the opponent may win.

   Amateur practice judo usually require auxiliary equipment, otherwise easy to hurt.Inflatable judo mat is full of elasticity, the elastic can protect users don't hurt when touch the ground.Compared with hard ground, inflatable judo mat surface is relatively soft, can reduce the impact of the foot joints to the user.A high quality judo mat for beginners is necessary.

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