Ksenia Afanasyeva--A Women's Team World Champion

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Ksenia Afanasyeva, a Russian gymnast, was born on September 23, 1991 and won the first women's team world championship in Russia at the 2010 World Gymnastics Championships Won the gold medal in free exercise at the 2011 Tokyo Gymnastics World Championship.

Afanasiyeva early to gymnastics and balance beam known. The 2007 Gymnastics World Cup Germany races, her set of balance beam difficulty points more than 7 points, with two three D connections, and a single arm support the small turn 180 this bright spot action, and eventually she still fell 15.150 points after falling wood. Although the exercise of gymnastics also made mistakes, but also a good dance skills and the iconic Attilium swivel 720 is also impressive. Stability eventually led to her missing the World Series in 2007. When the same sister and sister same girl from Tula Semenova to tie the world tie to get the world champion, Afanasiyeva did not qualify to participate in the World Championships. Stability is her biggest problem.

In 2008, the Olympic Games is coming. Afanasiyeva reintegrated the action with a strong eye at the beginning of the Russian National Championships, qualifying for the European Gymnastics Championships. However, her performance at the European Championships was quite disappointing. The vaulting horse almost came across. The balance beam was shaken. After two days of free -style gymnastics, she fell to her knees. At the 2008 European Championship of Gymnastics, Russia lost to a five-point loss Romania. In the Semenova won the European Championship uneven bars and balance beam champion, Afanasiyahva again nothing. Despite his poor performance, Afanasiyeva qualifies for the Olympics with the good result of winning the all-around in the Russian Cup of Summer.

The disappointing performance of early gymnastics has put Afanaxiyeva in accusations of some gymnastics jokingly saying that she is a bomb and she never knew when she would offer crushing mistakes.

To pay the final reward, the 2010 group win, Afanasiyeva won the World Championships gold medal. She persevered when members of the group won the race toward retirement.

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