Let The Children Fall In Love With The American Parents

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Enlightenment in sports, the Americans are good at "starting from the baby." However, Americans are not in a hurry to dig out children's special skills in certain sports. In their energetic childhoods, American parents let the little ones play outdoors and engage in various sports. What are the implications behind the exercise enlightenment? Let us take a look at the observation and thinking of Chen Dinghong, a mother living in the United States.

The United States is a sports nation. Sports are not just daily activities of athletes, but also American national campaigns. For Americans, sports are not just physical exercises, but more in-depth as a psychological need to form habits of life.

These young Americans, who grew up in the United States, came into contact with groups such as football, basketball and softball around the age of 4 and before they came to primary school, and also came into contact with such individual projects as gymnastics and swimming. Most American parents attach great importance to their own physical fitness, these activities not only allow children to exercise twice as good as a child's body, but also when the child is good for body coordination and flexibility.

Apart from the variety of sports activities in school, children's participation in more sports is arranged by their parents. The daily schedule for American children (kindergarten or elementary school) is no less relaxed than Chinese children, except that they are busy with something different.

Most American children in kindergarten or elementary school schedule to go to school at 8 am and get out of school around 3 am and do not spend more than an hour doing homework after school. For the rest of the time, many American parents, like Chinese parents, used to take their babies to work outside classes.

In many American parents' minds, after-school sports are more important than cultural studies. So, unlike Chinese children's extracurricular classes in English math calligraphy and drawing, almost all American children's extra-curricular classes are sports, generally gymnastics, swimming, football, baseball, tennis, basketball and so on.

At the same time, many American companies focus their team activities on sports and organize employees to play ball games, boating, skiing, mountain biking, etc. If you do not get some sports, you will be awkward and will not be able to better participate in group activities. Companies, it may seem a little out of tune.

Near Christmas, there is a fitness artifact either online or in the store are selling very fire, that is inflatable gymnastics mat. Different from the ball games such group activities, gymnastics can be carried out one person, but also many people, gymnastics in the United States enduring. Inflatable gymnastics pad uses flexible, good protective features make it more and more necessary for daily exercise. Let the children fall in love with sports, so that he stood on the gym mat from an early age.

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