Necessary Gymnastics Knowledge

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Athletes need to rule out all the distractions before doing action, rather God calm, do all the action to concentrate on the action to be done. At this point the audience should concentrate on watching, do not applause, do not cheer, not to mention the name of the athlete. Inflatable airtrack is a good equipment. 

Photographing Do not use the flash, as flashing lights distract the athlete's attention, affecting the athlete's judgment of the altitude and timing of the space, and may even result in race mistakes or injuries. It is appropriate and appropriate to shout and cheer up when an athlete is about to make an appearance and applaud the athlete at the end of the action.

Gymnastics by the referee scoring items, when you think there is a phenomenon of unfair referee, do not fool around, do not impulse, to restrain their emotions. This injustice may simply be because you do not know enough about the rules, and encouraging athletes and referees to understand the following matches is the best bet.

When the game is over, leave the venue with the garbage outside. Most of people start to use our inflatable airtrack gymnastics mat. 

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