Parents Of Young Children In Your Family, Do You Consider Asking Your Child To Practice Gymnastics?

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Zhao Donghui said that under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate for children to practice basic gymnastics for children from the age of 4. If you only want to improve your child's overall quality, then the child can practice this project with no talent. If you want your child to achieve higher achievements in gymnastics, then talent is particularly important.


Specifically, you may wish to refer to the following aspects:


One cannot be too tall. The gymnastics program requires athletes to have a low center of gravity. They are too tall and the height of their children is greatly affected by their parents' inheritance. If you are taller than the other half, the child may not be suitable for practicing gymnastics.


Second, limbs must have strength. Gymnastics is divided into many projects, such as single parallel bars, rings, and rhythmic gymnastics, all of which have high demands on limb strength. You can usually observe the child more often. If he learns to crawl, stand, and walk earlier than other children, he has strength when kicking his legs and stretching his arms. Perhaps he is very suitable for practicing gymnastics.


Third, strong coordination. Gymnastics is physical exercise, and the body movement is mainly controlled and adjusted by the brain. The children with strong coordination can make the movement more stretched and more beautiful.


In addition, professional gymnastics training is very difficult, if there is no perseverance, the child is likely to persist less than the last. (Luoyang Evening News reporter Liu Jiayi correspondent Shen Hongcan/Wen reporter Gao Shanyue/Figure)

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