Pingchang Winter Olympics Crisscross Doubles Final Quotation

- Mar 14, 2018 -

China News Service, Gangneung, South Korea, February 11th (Reporter Lu Yan) After a thrilling battle on the 11th night-time playoff, the final ticket to the Pingchang Winter Olympics Curling Mixed Doubles final was decided. The Chinese team Bad Xin/Wang Hao failed to continue the momentum of the Norwegian team at 9:3 am the same day, and then defeated the Norwegian team with 7:9 loss, regretted missed the semi-finals.

On the morning of the 11th, the Chinese team and Norway met in the seventh round of the round robin. The first round of the Chinese team had lost South Korea after defeating Switzerland, but then suffered a losing streak in the games with Canadian and Russian Olympic players. On the 10th, Badin Xin and Wang Hao regained their stature. They defeated the United States and Finland in succession and kept the suspense of the “Cycles” of the qualifying line until the final round. The Norwegian combination Nedregegn/Scarslieen was ranked 5th in the World Championships last year. The first round of the Winter Olympics defeated the Canadian team and has certain strength.

After the start of the game, the two sides played a stable game. The Chinese team played well in the fourth inning. Bad Xin sent the pot directly to the base camp twice and reached the center. Wang Hao finally swung into the center with a good touch. The Chinese team scored 3 points in a single game and ended the first half 4:2. The Chinese team behind the offense attacked the fire in the sixth round. Nedregegeng/Skaslien made consecutive mistakes. It was Wang Mi’s final spin. He scored 5 points, 9:3. Make opponents lose two games in advance.

In the other match held at the same time, the Russian Olympics lost to Switzerland at 8:9 at the last moment, Canada was ranked first in the round robin with 6 wins and 1 loss, and Switzerland was 5 wins and 2 losses. The Russian Olympians, Norway and China also won 4 wins and 3 losses. As the Russian Olympians are dominant in the relationship between China and Norway, they ranked third in the semi-finals. Both China and Norway teams must fight for another day in the extras on the 11th.

In the evening game, the Chinese team started well, but in the second inning Wang Yao was distracted and kicked a pot when he kicked the kettle, leading to a pot of the Chinese team being sentenced to invalid. Norway took the opportunity to go 3:2. After the two games, the two sides did not have much chance. The Chinese team 3:4 fell behind and ended the first half, but the fifth game took 2 points with a rigorous layout and accurate hits and once again took the lead.

The turning point still appears in the sixth inning. The Chinese team that attacked the first team repeatedly tried to clean up the pots of the clean Norway team in the base camp, including the vigorous strike of Bad Xin. At the critical moment, Wang Hao tried to pass the last throw and did not check, curling directly slipped out. The Norwegian team scored four points with a big smile and laid the victory. Although Badsin/Princess scored 2 points in the seventh inning, the score was approached by 7:8, but the last game of Norway's post-throwing pot was solid, and Nedregeng made a last minute note. The accurate "three flights" made the Chinese team completely hopelessly overturned, and they lost with 7:9 and missed the Pingchang Winter Olympics semi-finals.

After the game, both Bad Xin and Wang Hao shed tears, and Bard Xin's eyes in the mixed interview area were still slightly reddened. In the face of reporters, he finally changed his cherish character in the past few days like gold: “(Why did we cry) Can everyone understand this feeling? For the Olympics, it’s been a few years and everyone can understand my feelings, right? ”

Bad Xin believes that opponents have more experience in the playoffs and are better at playing this important moment. Although the Chinese team has done their best, the opponents have done a better job at the key points, which has affected the outcome of the game, especially the final game of the Norwegian team. "I think," Bad Xin smiled. "That ball played very well and took control of the game."

Some people think that another Chinese player, Wang Hao, is not stable enough. According to Bad Xin, the first partner to participate in the Olympic Games has done a great job. "She was very good at the pressure and nervous handling of the competition for her first time in the Olympics. She also helped me very much in the game. Although there are mistakes, it is normal."

In the Sochi Winter Olympics, Bad Xin and his teammates won the fourth prize for men's curling. This time the change to the mixed doubles project once again played in the Winter Olympics. Although the results are not satisfactory, they still enjoy the process. “We will review the competition and summarize it well. The experience of the Olympic Games has allowed us to grow a lot. We hope to stand on the court again in 2022,” he said.

Coach Zhang Zhipeng told reporters that although China's curling mixed doubles performed well in the past, everyone looked happy, but there was actually a gap with many opponents. Young players are problematic in terms of technical, tactical, and psychological aspects. We still have four years of time and hope that with the help of foreign coaches, we can sort out ideas, find out the shortcomings in preparation for war, and find our own problems through competition.

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