Project Equipment

- May 11, 2018 -

Folding rope

Made of hemp or synthetic fibers, it can be dyed in colors other than gold, silver and copper. The length is the same as the athlete's height. There are small knots at both ends, and the middle piece can be wrapped with cloth or tape. The game is composed of rope skipping, swinging, looping, 8-character, throwing, jumping, balance and various exchange rope grips. [2]

Fold the ball

Made of rubber or soft plastic, other colors than gold, silver and copper can be used. 18 to 20 cm in diameter and weighing over 400 grams. The game is composed of the actions of bounce, roll, rotate, loop, 8 characters, throw, jump, balance and rotation. [2]

Folding bar

Made of wood or synthetic material, it can be dyed in colors other than gold, silver, and copper. It is 40 to 50 centimeters long and weighs more than 150 grams. It is shaped like a bottle, with a thin end for the neck, a thick end for the body, and a top for the head. The game consists of winding, air rotation, throwing, swinging, jumping, balancing, and tapping. [2]

Folding tape

Made of sticks, nylon rope, or belts. The sticks can be made of wood, bamboo, plastic or fiberglass, and the ribbons can be made of satin or similar materials, and other colors besides gold, silver, and copper can be used. The belt is 6 meters long, 4 to 6 centimeters wide and weighs 35 grams or more. The sticks are 50-60 cm long and do not exceed 1 cm in diameter. They have a metal ring at one end and are connected to a rope or belt. The game consists of loops, spirals, throws, swings, jumps, balances, swivels, 8-character and snake-like movements. [2]

Folding ring

Made of wood or plastic, it can be dyed or selected in colors other than gold, silver, and copper. The cross section can be round, square, elliptical, or the like. Inside diameter 80~90 centimeters, weighs more than 300 grams. The game is composed of rolling, rotating, 8 characters, winding, throwing, rotating, drilling and balance.

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