Reasonable Sports, Promote Brain Development

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The latest scientific research achievements show that children lack of movement, can affect brain development."Britain's national health guidance", points out that children under the age of five, it should be at least 3 hours of exercise every day.The British government asked the nursery toddler children walk for at least 15 minutes a day, and the baby in the baby gym "for swimming and stretching exercises.
This is the first time the British government concerned about fitness in children under 5 years of age, because the child's obesity are increasing.In fact, most parts of the world's children are already or are in the obesity problem.
According to the survey, athletic ability and intelligence and creativity is closely linked, first of all, increase children's physiological load of exercise will focus on them class performance, memory and have a positive impact;
Second, let the child activity ability, the body can enhance their intelligence, creativity, concentration and planning ability;
Finally, parents is the most attractive eye point: increase sport seems to improve children's academic performance, standards, the result of the examination, even credits.
This is because the movement through the establishment of neural focal points on the brain, and these neural focal point is located in the brain is responsible for the "memory" and "executive function", they help children learn to do planning, command the child's behavior. 
The brain
Magic starts in the brain.Just start, electrochemical signals from the brain cortex, after each nerve conduction to meet with the muscle fiber.Sports let increased blood flow to the brain, brain cells begin to a higher level of operation, make you more alert and awake during exercise, more focused
The hippocampus,
This part of the brain responsible for learning and memory, exercise can promote more oxygen in the brain, thereby producing more brain cells, make your learning ability enhancement.There was a problem, the might as well put down temporarily, movement, may find the answer.
The pituitary gland
This is the control center of the brain.Sports, it will release of growth hormone, tells the body to search more fat fuel, into energy, and to help the muscle growth.
The heart
When you exercise, the heart rate increases, through the blood circulation, more faster transport oxygen throughout the body.The average person quiet when cardiac output is about 5 litres per minute, the competitive sports can reach 30 liters per minute, this will make your heart blood vessels more elastic.
Start after exercise, the body will immediately mobilize adenosine triphosphate (ATP), it is to maintain energy and transformation of key material in the power system.But only a ATP in the body of the "a little store," muscle cells normally stored in ATP only enough support for 10 seconds, then need to create more ATP.
In our bones peak bone mass in adulthood, and then began to slow down, but exercise can help you to keep a higher peak and decline more slowly., the joints and bones will bear the weight of 5 ~ 6 times you, prompted a massive increase in bone cells, thus improve the bone mineral density.Especially the weight-bearing exercise of osteoporosis is one of the most effective remedial measures.

Gymnastics movement is in the ear of a frenzy of typhoon.The popularity of the sport is recognised by all over the world.For amateur gymnastics exercisers, sports facilities should choose soft security, to protect the user.
Inflatable mat is getting popular in recent years, the surface of the inflatable gymnastics mat is soft and elastic to make the user more comfortable in the practice. When not in use of the space is little, that is why more and more popular inflatable mat.

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