Relaxing In The Surf On The Water Yoga Class

- Dec 15, 2017 -

In recent years, water yoga movement rapidly in popularity, the concept of relaxation in the waves, big popular with women.On the board to do some yoga movement, listen to the voice of the waves, a long sleep, relax, and exercise the effect of water yoga class by participants' consistent high praise.

Looking at the chiba port tower in the estuary, on the stationary waves, Japan's official yoga instructor will give you a class.Wag of triangle bow, such as posture, with his hands and meditation.Water activity is about an hour.Finally the body back, floating on the surface of the water.
From Tokyo, 29, keep GuRe said, "while doing yoga on a skateboard is the first time, but is not difficult.On the smooth wave was swinging, very comfortable."
Water yoga tools have a-peak and skateboards, skateboard about 3 m long, want to have good buoyancy and stability.Participants in the study on methods, good with OARS slide plate can do yoga.
Japan's official opened yoga class in their own home beauty coach thinks, water and the general effect of yoga.Listen to the sound of the waves, blow the wind, even if stood will exercise, even if the fall into the water is a kind of supreme happiness.
Compared to the land of yoga, water yoga exercise can better exercise the ability to balance.A good yoga mat has played a considerable role.Inflatable yoga mat has good buoyancy, the surface have a mat, make people exercise not only ensure safety to be sure to enjoy the joy.
The use of a few inflatable yoga mat figure, for your reference.

Yoga mat usage picture.jpg

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