Some Principles And Methods Of Physical Exercise

- Oct 28, 2017 -

After the children get up in the morning, with three or five minutes to let the children stretch, do the bare chest, stretching, body movements, kicks and other basic gymnastics, both quickly eliminate sleep, but also play the effect of fitness. Inflatable air track is a good equipment. At the same time, as far as possible so that children on foot school, both on time, the economy, but also play a good role in exercise. According to the child's age and physical strength, the walking speed control in the 0.6 km to 1 km / 10 minutes, under normal circumstances, within 20 minutes of walking are more suitable for children to walk. And other children after school home, the use of dinner before the second and thirty minutes to guide the children to carry out some of the confrontational and interesting sports, such as ball activities, running games, kick children, skipping and so on. Inflatable air track made by drop stitch, more soft, children can play on it when they are tied of studying. On night children to do homework rest time (20 minutes or so), at home for some hands or small equipment exercises, such as boys push-ups, pull up, girls sit-ups, sit legs, turn hula hoop, Body flexion and other exercise. Parents can also be on the rest day with children climbing, boating, cycling, rushing; or based on the child's hobbies, for a sport to strengthen training, both by the ability of parents to guide themselves, but also to send children to a specialized agency Formal training. Parents should also tell the child, do not one-sided pursuit of athletic performance or premature individual training; only in the comprehensive exercise on the basis of the special athletic performance can continue to improve.

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