The Benefits Of A Pregnant Woman Gymnastics

- Dec 12, 2017 -

For expectant mothers, have to cope with life and work pressure, coupled with a new life was born, the mood is more complex, so the expectant mothers it is necessary to choose an appropriate way to relieve the mood.Practice the pregnant woman gymnastics can not only help loosen body and mind, there are some other benefits.
1. To promote natural birth process, reduce cesarean section rate
Pregnant women gymnastics can be used as a routine care during pregnancy, it can make the whole pregnancy pregnant women in good physical and mental state, can effectively reduce the cesarean section rate, promote the natural birth process, such as shortening the labor.At present our country high cesarean section rate has aroused wide attention of the personage inside course of study both at home and abroad, the domestic general hospital cesarean section rate was 40% ~ 50%, some even as high as 80%.Maternal insufficient understanding of natural birth and the worry and fear, and pregnant women to nutrition surplus, the activity decreases, led to huge fetus, childbirth physical strength is insufficient, maternal complications increases, the rising rate of caesarean section.Pregnant women gymnastics can solve this problem, reduce the probability of cesarean section.
2. Reduce the childbirth fear, relieve discomfort during pregnancy
Keep practicing during pregnancy pregnant women gymnastics, can reduce the expectant mothers for delivery process and postpartum identity change of fear, to help alleviate discomfort during pregnancy, adjust state of mind, enhance the natural birth confidence and strength.
3. Prevention of postpartum depression and discomfort, accelerate the development of the newborn
Insist to do pregnant women during pregnancy gymnastics can effectively reduce postpartum haemorrhage amount, promote postpartum recovery, let mother prefer breastfeeding, promote the healthy growth of newborn.Correctly can increase natural labor risk pregnant women gymnastics, also significantly reduce the incidence of postpartum depression.But pregnancy gymnastics has effect only every day, so in daily life as well as mothers must often exercise, for example, before he goes to bed at night, do household chores of clearance, etc., can be performed.

So beneficial movement of course need a proper sports equipment.Inflatable gymnastics mat, is helpful for pregnant women pregnant women stretch, also can protect the function of pregnant women.A high quality inflatable fitness mat, is essential during pregnancy.

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