The Development Of World Skill Sports

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Since the middle and late 1990s, the International Federation of Skill has taken the promotion of a skill movement as an Olympic task as soon as possible, and all the reform measures center on this goal. In 1997, at the Manchester conference in England, considering that the men's and women's online solo project on the trampoline has become an official event for the 2000 Olympic Games, all delegates, out of their skill in sports, have agreed to move into the Olympic Games, Men and women singles jump items into trampoline, so that men and women singles jump to become the first Olympic Games events. In this way, the 15th World Championships in Minsk, Belarus, in 1998 became the last of seven events (men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, mixed doubles, women's and men's four) .

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