The Effect And Classification Of Calisthenics

- Jun 30, 2017 -

The effect and classification of calisthenics

Cushion exercise it minimizes the weight of the body's pressure on the joints, allowing the practitioner to exercise in a state of safe, unimpaired and relative relaxation. This can be more targeted to all parts of the body of the major muscle groups to carry out specialized exercises, more conducive to muscle strength and pull. The exercise of aerobics on the mat has a remarkable effect on improving flexibility.

On the mat, the aerobics is divided into the upright leg sitting posture aerobics, the cushion sits on the leg to sit the aerobics, the mat kneels the aerobics, on the mat kneels the aerobics, the cushion on the side side calisthenics and the mat on supine and the prone aerobics and so on.

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