The First Selection Test Of The 2018 Asian Games Gymnastics Project

- Mar 08, 2018 -

The first selection test of the 2018 Asian Games Gymnastics Project was held in Beijing from the 26th to the 27th. This test achieved the goal of open and transparent selection of talents for the society, and tested the results of the winter training of the national and local team athletes. Innovative.

The selection test platform in addition to the National Gymnastics Training Team athletes open, the local team and individual athletes in society can sign up to participate. In accordance with the rules of the 2018 Gymnastics Gymnastics Competition and the Chinese team configuration requirements, male athletes participating in the selection and testing competitions must participate in at least three competitions and female athletes must participate in at least two competitions. In the two-day test, Zhang Jin, Mao Yi, Liu Jieyu ranked the top three women's all-around; Xiaotuo Teng, Zou Jing Park, Lin Chao climbed the top three men's all-around.

"This test is an open and transparent selection of local teams and social talent, draws on the United States and Japan's selection method is not entirely a test of the competition, pay more attention to examine the strength and technical level of athletes in May and the National Championship followed by two The second quiz will continue to examine athletes with the aim of selecting the most powerful, best-possessed and best-equipped team to represent Chinese gymnastics in the Asian Games and World Championships.” National Gymnastic Team leader Ye Zhennan told reporters that this test time Earlier, the winter training of previous teams was only completed at the end of March, which is a big test for athletes. "With the leverage of selection and competition, we can also continuously improve our training level, especially our ability to train younger and reserve players to enhance our team's overall standard."

Last year, world champion Xiaootuo Teng, Zou Jingyuan have participated in all six men's test project, the top two scores of scores of the two very close, only 0.15 points gap. Xiao Ruoteng commented on their own performance that free exercise and rings slightly less, the other few are acceptable. "This year's winter training parallel bars, pommel horse, horizontal bar, free exercise adds a little more difficulty, compared to Montreal World Championships complete set of high difficulty of about 0.8 or so .Next to fine pull action details and quality, excellence." Zou Jingyuan rehabilitation in the foot After this year, this year's winter training will be filled with six items for the first time. He took out a set of difficulty 7.0 on his own strength parallel bars. The weaker freestylers and the horizontal bars played weaker. "Free exercise and horizontal bars are added this year, the stability of the action needs to be strengthened, especially the floor stability of free exercise." In accordance with the team arrangements, Zou Jingyuan will participate in the April World Cup Tokyo Station Almighty Competition, Japan's home team challenges all-round all-round masters. "For the first time today, I pull the Six Almighty, I'm a bit chaotic, and I'm going to fight for a more steady free exercise and the horizontal bars are cleaner."

The National Gymnastic Women's Team coach Wang Qunze believes that the Japanese women's team on the Asian Games may pose a great threat to the Chinese team. It is necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of the players through such a test. "This winter training team has improved its ability to complete the test. From the point of view, in the vault still did not show the level of imagination, uneven bars have some progress. "After the women's team also conducted a combination of interesting comprehensive physical fitness training. "The new training methods and ideas to encourage more players to try and express themselves, in the past China's relatively Neixiu girl, afraid to be emotional, there is now significant changes, the players were training together, fueling each other, the atmosphere is more All right."

To participate in the uneven bars, two tests of balance beam Fanny Lin, in their strengths uneven bars out of the difficulty of 6.5 sets, she overcomes the shoulder injury to find the best condition after the World Championships. "This new attempt is similar to the rhythm of our outbound competition. Some training methods are similar to those of the US team and they are very rewarding. After the test, everyone practiced physical fitness together and felt what they lacked, worked hard together and refueled. The atmosphere is very good. "The versatile performance of Mao Yi is not very satisfied with his vault, that there is still room for greater room for improvement," the test strength greater than in the past, but they can also adapt. I really like physical fitness The atmosphere useing a high quality inflatable air track inflatable gymnastics mat of such a large group during training is fueling each other so that everyone can work harder."

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