The History Of Taekwondo

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Taekwondo originated in the Korean peninsula, has a history of more than two thousand years ago.North Korea national ancient agriculture and hunting and protect himself against wild animals, against the taekwondo competition in the instant a dancer with the ritual activities, gradually evolved into a conscious of an offensive and defensive skills and combat martial arts self-defense.
After the second world war, the north self defense rise again, from exile in the return of budo arts in countries around the north koreans will back home, by taekwondo combat taekwondo practice gradually with instant moment.
On April 11, 1955, shall be formulated by the names of famous people from all walks of life in South Korea committee, including general choi, major-general third commander of military control zone (South Korea), lee at root army general (nations joint staff overall length), deputy speaker of the house of congress, members of congress, famous entrepreneurs, and then went famous director etc. Put forward their own name.By secret ballot, unanimously passed "taekwondo" put forward by the general general choi.Thus, produce the "taekwondo".From then on, the end of the tang dynasty hand, empty-handed, and various north Korea classical budo names such as mixed situation, north Korea's budo created a new world, tae kwon do create began its history.
South Korea was established in September 1961 the tang hand association, later renamed the taekwondo association, and became the national games official competition projects.
In 1966 the first international organizations: the international taekwon-do federation (ITF), general choi was elected chairman.
In 1972, the international taekwondo alliance headquarters moved to Toronto, Canada.
In May 1973, was established in capital, Seoul, South Korea's President park chung-hee the world taekwondo federation (WTF), and appointed s.e.unyongkim chairman.And first world taekwondo championship held in Seoul, the tournament players from 19 countries and regions.In 1975, the world taekwondo federation (WTF) being accepted as an international sports league membership.In 1980, the international Olympic committee formally recognised the world taekwondo federation.
Taekwondo at the 1988 Seoul Olympics as for demonstration events;In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics begin to be listed as test events;To the 2000 Sydney Olympics Olympic official event.[3] [9-10]
In 1989, South Korea for the first time the world taekwondo federation in taekwondo training classes held in Beijing, WTF taekwondo as sport was introduced to China for the first time.On October 7, 1992, the Chinese taekwondo preparatory group was established.
In May 1995, a total of 22 units more than 250 athletes participated in Beijing sport university held the first session of the national taekwondo championships, from then on, tae kwon do movement developed rapidly in China.
In August 1995 formally established the Chinese taekwondo association, wei jamie had elected the first President of the association of.
In November 1995, the Chinese taekwondo association the world taekwondo federation WTF was accepted as full members.

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