The Knowledge Of Wrestling

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Wrestling is acknowledged as the world's oldest competitive sport, Greece, Egypt, China and Japan and other countries have wrestling written records of ancient civilization.The ancient Olympic Games began in 776 BC, wrestling is one of the game, and has been the Olympic Games.

Modern wrestling games originated in Greece, the ancient greeks advocating wrestling sports very much.According to legend, the mythical hero express shea - Athens democracy founder, learned from the goddess of Athens wrestling rules, thus developing the wrestling movement.When someone says: "wrestling is one of the most perfect, the most comprehensive, coordinate a sport, it is the crystallization of all sports."There are many famous philosophers, poets, and the Greek generals were wrestlers, such as idealism of famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato, wrestling is the time of the star.

Occupies an important proportion of wrestling in the Olympic Games, divided into the categories of greco-roman and freestyle two falls, and international type wrestling.

Held in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912 the fifth session of the modern Olympic Games, the international amateur wrestling federation (FILA) was formally established.According to its articles of association, greco-roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling is listed as one of the international events.The establishment of the international fell greatly promoted the greco-roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling movement spread around the world, to booming wrestling exercise in five continents.

So far, the international association of fall league with 153 members.33 distribution situation is: Asia, Europe, 45, 34 in Africa, the americas, 28, Oceania 13.International fall league management and is responsible for all matches greco-roman and freestyle wrestling.Greco-roman wrestling originated in ancient Greece, formerly known as greco-roman wrestling.

2 century BC, the Roman empire invasion of Greece.Occupiers after the conquest of Greece, will their country original wrestling and Greek wrestling, the combination of development and innovation, and on this basis the greco-roman wrestling.Because the greco-roman wrestling appeared in the Greek slavery prosperity stage, the period known as the Greek classical period in history, so this wrestling was originally called the greco-roman wrestling.The continuous development of the sport in Greece and in other European countries, has played a positive role in the formation of greco-roman wrestling.

France in the 1790 s, some people who love the game automatically organize professional team, to many places to tour.Later gradually evolved into a game, make the greco-roman wrestling gradually developed.

Freestyle wrestling

In greco-roman wrestling, the rise of s Europe again another wrestling called freestyle wrestling.A wrestling and greco-roman wrestling basic same, the difference is that the players can use their arms of lower limb, stumble, you can also use the leg its technology is more abundant than classic.In the 19th century, the British made more clear freestyle wrestling rules, so the freestyle wrestling is finalized in Britain.

Women's wrestling

With the expansion of the Olympic Games impact on a global scale, as well as the sport itself embodies fairness and justice, tenacity, struggle, the characteristics of the women's sports in this area continuously expand and develop.The past is regarded as the women's movement restricted many projects, to carry out one after another, women's wrestling is one of them.

In 1984 the international amateur wrestling federation (FILA) admit that women's wrestling sports.But the woman only set up the freestyle wrestling a, its rules is almost same as men's freestyle wrestling.In August 1989, held the first session of the world women's wrestling championships in Switzerland.From then on, women's wrestling held once every year, the world championship. 

Wrestling sports has a long history and far-reaching influence.In the Olympic Games, must use international union recognition wrestling mat. Yet to life amateur wrestling sports, might not be able to use this standard wrestling mat. Here we recommend inflatable wrestling mat. Enrich the wrestling mat size thickness can be customized.Find a broad field, and to the inflatable mat filled with gas, can in the above game wrestling, convenient and practical.And the action of non-professional players often is not standard, easily injured in the game, inflatable wrestling mat to protect players, reduce the risk.A high quality of wrestling mat to family or group practice exercise is very necessary.

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