The Most Suitable Age Began To Practice Gymnastics

- Jan 25, 2018 -

For a long time, the world has been very high degree to the attention of the gymnastics.Especially the European and American countries pay special attention to the child's parents started gymnastics training.Speaking of gymnastics since childhood, the most suitable start practicing gymnastics age is a few years, studies have shown that is 1.75-5 years of age, let us speak of from the practice effect.Children under the age of 1.75 5 body has just begun development, better flexibility, are now beginning to practice gymnastics can promote the skeleton and brain development.Other schools practice effect is as follows.

· Developmental fun

· Strength, flexibility and co-ordination transferable to any other sport

· Learning to focus, listen to instructions and wait their turn

· Working through/managing fears

· Teamwork and cooperation

· A sense of achievement when gaining a new skill

· Strengthening brain pathways

· Improvement in musculoskeletal alignment

· Learning rhythm and different ways of locomotion

Mini gym Stage 1 (from age 1.75) is a FUN starting point for your child to learn gymnastics. Stage 1 involves full parent and child interaction. The instructors allow time for guided exploration with the circuits set up including floor, beam, bars and trampoline.

We work towards milestone movement patterns e.g. jumping with two feet, and follow a yearly plan specific to this age group.

Example skills include:

· Walking and jumping on the low beam, over benches, across wooden planks. We also walk on the high beam.

· Forward rolls on the floor, down a foam “wedge” and rolling over a foam cylinder

· Hanging on the bar in a different positions

· Jumping on the springboard and mini tramp onto a crashmat, learning how to land in “motorbike”

· Activities with balls, hoops and bean bags

Mini gym Stage 2 (age 2.75-3.25) also involves parent and child interaction with instruction from a coach, but as the term/year progresses parents will start to step back as the children grow to learn and follow instruction on their own.

Stage 2 involves more structured circuits whereby the group of children stays on one apparatus (focused learning on skills) before moving as a group to the next station. This more structured approach prepares the children for moving on to a Junior Gym class on their own.

Example skills include:

· Spiderman handstands, backward rolls over a cylinder, forward rolls

· Bear walks on parallel bars, monkey walks on the high/low bar

· Jumping jacks and tuck jumps on trampoline

· Chin up hold and swings on rings/trapeze

· Walking over obstacles on the beam, starting to walk unassisted on low beams

Junior Gym, from ages 3.25 to 5 (or until starting school) follows on from Mini gym in its developmental objectives. This class is a drop-off class involving just the children and the instructors. We believe that early childhood movement patterns and listening skills learnt in Kindergym programs assist with a child’s progress and potential for learning later on in life when they get to school.

In this class, we hope to work more on confidence and allowing the children to take ownership and pride in what they have learnt, for example, they may want to demonstrate their skill to the others in class. We start to see more independent movements without the assistance of a coach e.g. walking across the beam in different directions, or monkey walks across the high bar without a coach holding their weight. Most of all, we always have FUN! We are amazed at how much this age group can learn e.g. we have some children already doing complex cartwheels and chin up pullovers.

Example skills we focus on:

· Beam: Walking forwards and backwards on the low and high beam

· Floor: Rolls, handstands and cartwheels

· Vault/tramp: Jumps, landings

· Bars: swings, monkey walks, rollovers



We also encourage parents to give their at home inside the basic skill training, such as jumping, turning somersault, splits, low back.Home practice should be pay attention to the choice of venues and equipment, to protect their children.Inflatable gymnastics mat is very suitable for family use.Last year of the best selling air track is 3 * 1 * 0.1 m. Whats more 5 m * 1 m * 0.1 m gym air mat sales also continued to rise, this year the dosage of 5 m inflatable mat have greatly improved.This fully shows the advantage of the gymnastics has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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