The Secret Behind The Secret Angel Scenery

- Nov 23, 2017 -

This year's Victoria's Secret underwear show will be held in Shanghai, China by the end of November drove away every year the Weili show can be called the world's best gathering of the body of the flesh, these big boobs legs stupid creature is simply not perfect Most people, is it really a high-level alien species? In fact, no beauty is so easy to come by, the angel of peace is not a good natural figure. We only saw the glittering beauty of the stage, but we did not know the efforts behind the angels.

Alexander Ambrosio, Brazil's top supermodel, is one of the many Angels to participate in Vimeo underwear show, and she is a crazy fitness enthusiast. Her fitness at least once a day, "every day to make myself out of sweat" is her fitness motto. Ale's secret to keeping fit is Brazilian war dance and yoga.

Candice Swanepoel practices some of the ballet moves and also exercises the stability of the core and lower extremities with an arabic leg stretching action similar to an action in yoga, Fat shaping is very helpful.

Behati Prinsloe loves outdoor sports, super love surfing and snowboarding.

Carly's fitness methods vary: Pilates to stretch legs, weight exercises to increase strength, running to sweat burning fat, spinning to practice aerobic.

Karlie Kloss loves yoga, yoga can speed up the metabolism, remove body waste, body repair, conditioning beauty from the inside and outside at the same time also another temperament more elegant, light body, and enhance the internal and external temperament.

These Victoria Angels have a fitness in a set, each one has its own unique way, but they all have similarities and differences between the common ground, that is, the rational use of fitness equipment fitness to make the best fitness results. Whether it is Brazilian dance, ballet or yoga, we need to use a device that is a mat. The inflatable gymnastics mat can perfectly meet this demand. The use of inflatable gymnastics mat can be a good exercise fitness body weight and waist strength, training method can train chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs and other muscle groups, and these muscle groups in maintaining body balance and improve body Posture and prevention of sports injuries play an important role. Difficult yoga moves can drive the body muscles, while the balance of exercise is also very effective. An excellent inflatable gym mat or inflatable yoga mats will definitely allow exercisers to add extra points during exercise, which will allow the bodybuilder to plasticize and protect the exerciser from accidental injuries such as falls.

Do you want to have the same devil figure as Vimeo? Bring our full mat to your fitness journey.

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