The United States Gymnastics Team Back Blows Olympic Champion Apologize Because Of Inappropriate Comments

- Dec 21, 2017 -

AFP reported publicly say "women should dress appropriately" three Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Douglas, finally as it was criticized by the many comments made an apology.She tweeted about his words said "I'm very sorry," she wrote, "I said not to say, it makes me feel not stand on the side of my teammates, I am very sorry." 

Last week, U.S. team captain lassman personally confirmed his long-term sexual assault by medical staff, and published an article about women have been sexually assaulted.

 "A woman is just took more sexy photos, or wearing sexy clothes, this does not give man humiliation to them.But when she came out and said he suffered from sexual abuse, but no one believed her."In the article the 23-year-old lassman wrote, "everyone is what?Even women wearing sexy and never represent the men have the right to expose her!" 

The six Olympic medal winner said: "for women, was able to show their own comfortable sex appeal, is a positive thing.In fact, I encourage you all very much clothes some let yourself feel at home.But I can't stand for any a woman wearing a skirt or dress is ashamed of, I can't stand." ,       

Douglas said on twitter: "a woman must be well dressed, however, and keep the grace, this is our responsibility.If you dress to titillate and porn, you will attract someone else for your wrongdoing."The comment for the United States to the disagreement in the gymnastics team directly into the open. 

Although the twitter was soon she delete, but it still raises the comments on social media widely discussed, including once in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games gold medal byers together with her. 

"To my shock, I actually saw such talk, but I don't feel surprised."Byers, 20, in response to Douglas on twitter, and attach the deleted screenshots of speech, "to be honest with you, to see this will only make me sad, because as your team mate, I have for you a greater hope.I support lassman and other women have the same situation.To be strong!"

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