The United States Has 4000 Gymnastics Club

- Jan 06, 2018 -

The United States has 4000 gymnastics club 

London Olympic Games, the 15-year-old byers because of "the baby is too small", a certain age of failed to appear.Since three years ago officially to upgrade to the adult group, byers in 14 MEDALS and three-time world championships the 10 gold MEDALS.
Even more shocking, byers is not "soon".Standing behind her, and hernandez, a the young successors.Previous trials can be seen that the United States women's gymnastics team of backup talents quantity is enviable.
"The United States has more than 4000 gymnastics club, gymnastics population is very large, we are now the athletes only about 3000 people."The Chinese gymnastics team leader Ye Zhenna said.
Ye Zhenna said that in recent years the gymnastics center has been pushing for happy "gymnastics" project, but also to expand the popularity of gymnastics.In terms of sports into the campus, the ministry of education established based on the first seven project of gymnastics, etc, to speed up the pace of reform of physical education.
The powerful U.S. women since 1992 and the women will not miss the Olympic podium of the project.As reigning Olympic champion, their internal competition is very fierce, like China, like playing games, layers of recruit, recruit in a different way: only determined by Olympic trials in late June, the national championship team lineup, after 14 girl on July 8 and 10, two days finally compete for the Olympic qualification, while their male counterparts in the championship after declaring the Olympic list.
"Gymnastics revival plan" is different from Japan, the United States gymnastics is pegged to the school scholarship system firmly, so a lot of children in the beginning is not straight to the Olympic champion.Like byers, birth sex as a child she love jump, almost don't want to darling to walk upstairs.Have a school outdoor outing temporary changed to go to the gym, she really found their own interests.
"Back home, she had left a small piece of paper to me, said: I want to learn gymnastics.""Mom" Nellie said byrs.
Nellie is actually byers grandmother.Because of byers unable to raise her biological parents and brothers and sisters, so when byers more than 2 years old, Nellie adopted byers and one of her sister."Because they, is my blood."Her grandpa Ronald sobbed the in an interview with the media.
"One day, they told me: 'if you like, you can call us mom and dad.Of course, you also can continue to call our grandpa and grandma.'" byers in reviewing this section, the face is permeated with happiness.She said, she turned and ran upstairs and practice in the room shouted "daddy", "mother".Downstairs, she cried softly "mom", Nellie naturally promised a "ah".
"We are a family."Byrs says.
Nellie says, after so much, she think is the most important education teach the children how to make the right choice, and encourage children to stick to it.
It is because of love, a lively, cheerful personality, like shopping, watching movies.Although can not like other girlfriends, busy preparing the party, enjoy spend the best years of commonly, but she said "I am took the three-time world all-around champion.".
9 the women of the Rio Olympics finals, byers after finish one last set of floor exercise movements, ran to his teammates, to embrace with you cheer, the United States in 184.More than 897 points, eight points ahead of Russia's huge advantage, and the women won the third Olympic champion.
After got the first gold medal in the Olympics, byers thanked the team to create a relaxed atmosphere, again up the stands brother: "you should wear a pair of trousers for the flag of the United States to see me, really don't want to pay attention to all difficult."
In the United States the cause of the strong, byers said: "we have done all you can do, also thanks to have such a great team at the same time, I haven't felt the pressure of the Olympic Games."She also said: "the biggest challenge in the future...Well, really nothing can challenge me.Of course, the biggest challenge now is to sleep tonight, because we are so excited!"
The TiCaoJie "serena" is really like her in an advertisement lines - small and powerful.

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