Thomas Flare

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Kurt Thomas is the United States in the 1970 s gymnastics star, has several times won the title at the world championship, was the first world championship of gymnastics athletes in the United States, especially in his original "Thomas flare" famous sports.
  Thomas was in poor health, take exercise, after party to a strong body.At the age of 14 he attracted by the unique charm of gymnastics, gymnastics and keep practicing.Soon began a formal training system.He trained hard, and like to study and innovation of gymnastics movements, especially hard risk action.
  In 1978, he represented the United States in the 19th Strasbourg gymnastics world championships won the gymnastics world championships, became the first won the champion of gymnasts in 46 years.Fort worth in 1979 in the United States on the 20th world gymnastics championships, he free gymnastics world champion again, and in the side horse race made later in his name "Thomas flare" hard innovation movement, the leg flare.The ups and downs, the graceful, stretch, dazzling.Later the action was transplanted onto the floor exercise, parallel bars and so on.Thomas made great contribution to the development of gymnastics technique.
  Feet kai-cheng zhang big glyph, unbend arm and his left hand. His left foot right foot heel in the direction of the force, his right foot kick in the head direction is high, at the same time I must also head in the direction of his left foot kick at high, make two hands on the ground, feet empty, waist straight forward, and then continue to remain in the air, his left foot, right foot inclined rear back to start his right direction, left hand away from the ground only right hand grabbed the whole body.
  Main technical main point: control the speed of body center of gravity down, chest, shoulders, and use separate the motion of the legs in a different direction, cooperate JianBei force, horizontal rotating power, mobile body centre of gravity is reasonably, into the leg and shoulder slightly to the left, the whole body, coxa, left hand supported as soon as possible, to connect Thomas flare.
  A kind of gymnastics, dance movement, Thomas flare usually make this action need to compare big wrist and waist strength, is the motion of a magnitude 8, both hands supporting ground, using the waist force and inertial her legs according to certain swing posture, dance in the classification for the product, this action can be attached to do 2000, etc. This kind of difficult moves, this needs to be a good foundation, beginners is not recommended to try.This action can be completed in the free gymnastics.Hand, because of the large floor space can be in any place, thus in the training process, can be in free body on the ground to practice on the playground.This action can be finished on the pommel horse, rings, can also be done in other parts.


Beginners to practice a Thomas flare, particular attention must be paid to the choice of venue, hard ground tend to harm the practitioners, try to choose the field of soft and elastic, can not only protect practitioners, to the completion of action play a supporting role.We recommend inflatable gymnastics mats.When using inflatable gymnastics mattress of hardness can be based on what the user needs to adjust at best.Practice Thomas flare when body weight are often need an arm to support, soft and elastic air mat can buffer the pressure of the body, reduce the oppression on the arm, thereby promoting action more fluent.

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