Watch Gymnastics Games

- May 12, 2018 -

Watch gymnastics games should arrive in advance and leave the game after the game is over. In and out of the venue must be orderly, not crowded, to respect the old and young.

Don't move around when you are in the game. It is best to walk around when the game is paused or rested.

Don't speak loudly in the venue, behave in a manner that is not civil, don't throw debris everywhere, and ban smoking.

The mobile phone should be turned off or set to vibrate and mute when watching the game.

To learn the necessary knowledge of competition, we must not only look at the beautiful movements of athletes, but also look at their movement techniques and styles. It is necessary to appreciate the superb craftsmanship of athletes as well as their tenacity and inherent qualities. Both domestic players and international athletes are applauded. Be passionate and not arrogant, passionate and lose your weight.

Athletes need to eliminate all distractions before doing the action, prefer to calm down and concentrate on the actions to be completed when doing the action. The audience should be watching with full attention at this time. Do not applaud or cheer, let alone call the athlete's name.

Do not use a flash camera to take pictures, because the flashing light will distract the athlete's attention, affect the athlete's judgment of the space height and time orientation, and may even result in a game mistake or injury. It's a decent and appropriate behavior to cry out when athletes are about to play and applause at the end of the athlete's actions.

Gymnastics is a project that is scored by referees. When you think that there is a phenomenon of unfair referees, do not get upset and do not be impulsive. You must exercise restraint in your emotions. This injustice may only be due to your lack of understanding of the rules. Encouraging athletes, understanding referees, and continuing to watch the following games are the best choices.

At the end of the game, when leaving the venue, please bring the garbage out of the court.

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