Rhythmic gymnastics competition rules

- May 18, 2018 -

Rhythmic gymnastics is limited to women players, and players perform under the accompaniment of music. Rhythmic gymnastics includes collective and individual projects, and the Olympic Games has two gold medals for individual all-round and collective projects.

The team competitions consist of two rounds: 6 players per team but only 5 players. The time is 2 minutes 15 seconds - 2 minutes 30 seconds. The first round of competition must use the same kind of equipment (Beijing Olympic Games as a rope); the second round of competition uses two kinds of equipment (Beijing Olympics is three rounds and two sticks).

In the team competition, 6 players per team but only 5 players (each team must complete the game within 2 minutes and 30 seconds). Twelve teams participated in the qualifiers and the top eight players entered the finals.

There are only four kinds of equipment (the Beijing Olympics are the sticks, the ropes, the laps and the belts) for the individual all-around competition. The time is 1 minute 15 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds. Twenty-four contestants competed in the qualifier. Up to two players from each association participated in the competition and the top 10 players entered the finals. Three referees scored, the first referee played the technical points, the second referee played the artistic performance points, and the third referee scored the final points, completing 50% of the total scores. Each score is 20 points. The total score of the four items is 80 points.

Individual team teams consist of 3-4 athletes. Each athlete completes 1-4 sets of moves. Each team must use different equipment to complete 3 sets of movements for 12 sets of movements.

Individual athletes from each individual team participate in the individual event and are ranked by individual scores. The highest score is 20 points.

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