What Do The Exercise During Pregnancy

- Jan 17, 2018 -

A, moderate exercise is advantageous to the mother's health
1, to strengthen physical fitness
Sports can promote blood circulation and metabolism, reduce adverse symptoms such as waist and leg pain, limb edema can prevent and reduce the pregnant woman.
2, helps to natural childbirth
Movement in enhance the pregnant woman health at the same time, also exercise the muscle of pregnant women, especially the abdominal muscles.Abs fully exercise can reduce the fetus caused by abdominal relaxation of fetus dystocia.Pregnant women body muscle exercise also helps natural childbirth.
3, effectively relieve fatigue during pregnancy
During pregnancy often insomnia, nervousness, or even constipation, proper exercise can help pregnant women to relax, relieve fatigue of pregnant women.
4, quickly adapt to pregnancy reaction
Moderate exercise can effectively regulate the nervous system, a pregnant woman can help pregnant women to quickly adapt to a series of pregnancy reaction, increase appetite, so as to promote the absorption of nutrition.
Second, moderate exercise is baby's development
1, promote the fetal brain development.Pregnant women movement for mother increased the blood oxygen content, promote the beneficial material such as release mother brain enkephalin, passed to the fetus, the fetus growth;In addition, sports can shake the amniotic fluid, promote water circulation, stimulate fetal body, good for brain development.
2, promote the fetal body development.Pregnant women movement at the same time, is equivalent to the fetus is in motion, can effectively reduce the probability of fetal obesity.Sports can promote fetal respiratory system, sensory systems as well as the development of various organs, promote the healthy growth of baby's body.
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