Yoga Reduced Stomach Motion Belly Thin Lap 10 Minutes

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Ship type plate type yoga is good for the core of to exercise the stomach muscles, so as to reduce fat and tighten up the abdomen, the following three actions every night before going to bed exercise, as long as more than a month, can see the surprise of the effect of stomach.
Yoga to reduce stomach action: ship type
1, sit straight back, back slightly back.Feet, knees feet stick, put his hands in the two legs below the knee.
2. Breathe in.Mention crus, parallel to the ground, the toe, upper body leans back again, into a 45 degree Angle with the ground, abdomen tightening make balance point of the whole body into practice: exhale, lock, feet a 45 degree Angle hold exhibition straighten, feet and torso to form a "v" shape.Hands lift and straight forward parallel to the ground.Concentrate the power of the trunk and spine straight and chest.Both feet together clamping.Keep the natural breath.Maintain this pose about 10 seconds or more.
Yoga to reduce stomach action, ship type variable type 2
1. Sit flat on the ground, the legs flat, your back straight.
2. The body a little and let the body weight transfer to the hips, knees, lift up your feet, hands holding the soles of your feet, make double leg close to the body.
3. Slowly straighten up the legs and arms, tiptoe forward, eyes to tiptoe, pay attention to the straight back.
4. Get 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Thin waist yoga action 3: plate type
1, on a yoga mat, on both sides of both hands on the chest, toes touchdown, force propping up the body.
2, will force evenly distribute on the palm, tighten the chest, back, abdomen, buttocks muscles, make the body in a straight line.
3, to the top of the head forward, felt by the infinite forward along the spine stretch yoga neck.Eyes natural look straight down.Relax throat and eyes.
4, plate type is a position in the traditional sun worship.Or as a separate practice pose for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
This action will not only lose proud flesh around the abdomen to the hipbone, upward motion will also help ease the cervical vertebra disease!
The three yoga movements are beneficial to exercise the core muscles, tighten the abdominal and hip proud flesh.In practice these three thin waist yoga movement should pay attention to when wearing, should give priority to with loose comfortable, conducive to the action of stretch!
Compared with the ordinary yoga mat, inflatable yoga mat surface more elastic, and inflatable mat is soft, maintain an action for long, inflatable mat can reduce the body gravity stress, make people easy to keep a pose.And can not only on land use, also can be used on the surface of the water.On the surface of the yoga practice, but also can practice our balance.

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